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David grew up and worked most of his life in the small rural town of Dunnville, Ontario, which is situated along the banks of the Grand River that is steeped in history and was designated a Canadian Heritage River 1994. The river ends at Port Maitland, 7 km downstream from the town and empties into Lake Erie which is part of the Great Lakes Region of Canada and USA. This was David’s playground as a young boy for many seasons spending his free time fishing and exploring the shores of both the Grand River and Lake Erie that provided an abundance of habitat for the beautiful flora and wildlife. David continued to developed his outdoors skills including camping, hiking and canoeing as a young scout, along with his schoolmates; travelling in and around the local and Northern Ontario Lakes, rivers and trails. David also grew up working every summer at his family's restaurant, a popular local tourist attraction built by his father in 1953 on the "Grand River Island" owned & farmed since 1881 in Dunnville. The seasonal enterprise afforded David to travel to many faraway places during the off-seasons. In his youth David subscribed to a very popular geographic magazine and was inspired by the stunning images and articles which explored strange and wonderful landscapes and peoples from around the world. These writer/photographers ultimately motivated David to travel around the world.David left the family business and got a job as a photo assistant at a professional Toronto studio for several years where he gained a wealth of experience in camera types and formats, shooting techniques including black & white darkroom processes and preparing simple to elaborate lighting for a variety of studio sets and location sites. He eventually returned to the family business but continued to travel extensively. The business & island was sold under controversy during unresolved Grand River land claim disputes. David's older brother - who died recently - lived in SOCAL where David would spring board to many of his adventures. David's many treks included seeing Canada, USA, Caribbean Islands(Bahamas and Jamaica), Hawaiian Islands, South Pacific & Polynesian Islands(Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora), Australian Outback & Tasmania, New Zealand, England(Lake District) & Scotland, Europe, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia(Belarus), Israel and Jordan(Petra). David also has hobbies including woodworking, biblical & ancient studies, survival/bush craft skills, fishing, boating, sailing, down-hill skiing and scuba diving. David had a life altering heart attack in 2014 but is doing much better physically since eating a plant-based diet. David still hopes to travel especially to parts of S.America and Antarctica.You can see some of David’s work visiting his YouTube channel where you can watch short slide-shows of his photos, both in colour and black & white, that were taken over the years including some of his newer images — adding more slide-shows periodically. See Link Here: https://www.youtube.com/user/davidjohn316/ featured. Currently David uses the DSLR Canon 80D, using 18-135 mm, 35 mm macro and 70 - 300 zoom lenses. David also captures images with his iPhones; lately using the Xs. David is still learning the new digital medium but would like go back sometime to using film as well. David hopes to share his photographic work with the Canadian Geographic readers while exploring and capturing Earth’s wonders in the Eternal Light. Stay Tuned ...

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