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15 years as a Forestry Consultant and 28 years as a Golf Instructor. Always had an interest in photography from my days at Lakehead U. Our home is full of my own pictures. Used photography in my forestry work and photographed Varsity Sports at Lakehead for several years. I will photograph anything, anywhere, anytime the mood strikes. We have so much close to home opportunities for outdoor photography in Thunder Bay it's unbelievable.




djreid commented on "Fractal" 2019-01-03 1:57pm

Wow Gabe - great image - colours are fab!

djreid commented on "Perfect sunrise" 2019-01-02 1:07pm

Hard to make this one much better Pearly, fabulous. A slight crop from the bottom closer to the weeds ?

djreid commented on "Inuksuk" 2019-01-02 12:59pm

Could not make this any better - great picture. The top rock breaks the horizon just beautifully and the slow shutter speed blurs the waves just right!

djreid commented on "Sunrise over the Livingston Range" 2019-01-02 12:54pm

This would make a great panorama style shot by cropping from the bottom just before the slightly lighter area about 1/3rd way up, fantastic colour!

djreid commented on "Barred Owl" 2019-01-02 12:49pm

As good as it can be - superb!

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