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naturelor1970 commented on "Cedar Waxwing With Berry" 2016-10-23 2:06am

Amazing shot Lauren! The waxwing is very clear and so is the berry about to be swallowed. I find it difficult to capture all the shades on a waxwing without either over/or under exposing some areas.

naturelor1970 commented on "Chinese Golden Pheasant" 2016-10-23 1:59am

Even before clicking on this photo here, I knew this was the gorgeous guy from Bloedel! I have a similar photo myself. Very nice shot! I love the photos the Canon Powershots take.

naturelor1970 commented on "American Bittern" 2016-10-23 1:52am

Nice shot Len! Very clear. I love the colour of the legs. Yes, they are hard to find, but every once in a while they will come out of the reeds and grasses.

naturelor1970 commented on "Pileated Woodpecker" 2016-10-23 1:48am

Wow! Gorgeous shot. I like the contrasting colours of the red crest and the bright blue sky. You also caught him using his tail as a prop. Nice clear shot.

naturelor1970 commented on "Spider" 2016-10-23 1:45am

Nice close shot. You captured the little "hairs" on the legs and the detail of the abdomen. Well done!

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