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Hello, I am an amateur photographer who has a passion for the outdoors. Algonquin Park is my go to place when I am looking for a photography fix. I LOVE Hailstorm Creek as it has never let me down when looking for wildlife. My dreams are to one day be published in a magazine, but until then I just do my best to work on my skills. A Little about me. I suffer from PTSD and Depression and photography has always been a coping skill for me. Being out in nature with wildlife has a very calming effect on me. I Love to canoe so taking solo trips from Opeongo to Hailstorm is a common thing for me. I have done many day trips doing this and have never been disappointed when it comes to looking for wildlife. I use a Canon 7D with a Sigma 150-500mm lens and would LOVE to upgrade to a 5D or even a 1D when the time comes. Using the Sigma allows me to shoot wildlife from a very safe distance while not disturbing wildlife to my best. My Bucket list includes going to Sable Island or Katmai National Park. I am hoping to knock on of these off before I turn 40. My true dream is to go to The Great Bear Rainforest and spend a couple days with Kermode Bears. I got into photography because I LOVED Paul Nicklens work and he has inspired me with all his amazing photos from around the world.

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