Sign of Spring??

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Debra Plett

I love it when the Robins come back and they have such a beautiful song. Here in Manitoba the Canada Geese are arriving but no Robins yet. Terrific composition Jane, and the berries add that pop of colour.

Jane LeBlanc

Thanks, Debra. The Canada geese are here, too.

Clifford Dupuis

Nice pic Jane and they do love that special berry treat. You are so hopeful of Spring at least where you took this one. Not so here as it is snowing at the moment and -16

Jane LeBlanc

Thanks, Clifford. Spring is coming....I promise!! Pouring rain here today.

I put out Mountain Ash berries for the birds and had three nice fat Robins come to feed on them. I know some Robins over winter here, but maybe, it's a sign of spring?
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Jane LeBlanc
Taken On
March 5, 2024
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