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Debra Plett

Very nice image and story CJ.

I got excited as I saw something quite small running towards me but what was it? I took my camera off the harness on my chest, lifted it to my face and looked through the viewfinder. I couldn’t see the little critter so I moved the camera from my face as I scanned the area, to my delight I saw it bounding up a small hill but then it disappeared. Where did it go? I didn’t think that it had gone very far so I continued looking around until I spotted was seemed to be a small hole in the hill. I once again readied my camera watching the hole and then the animal emerged. It was a weasel!!
Taken By
CJ Lessard
Taken On
October 25, 2023
weasel ermine wildlife animal mammal rat rodent stoat carnivore grass whiskers fawn felidae terrestrial_animal
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