A Father's Bond

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Jane LeBlanc

Great story with the photo and the words. Great detail in the photo as well.

Debra Plett

Thanks Jane, I have a real soft spot for this nest.

Scott Reeve

Great capture Debra! The photo tells the story.

Debra Plett

Thanks Scott, beautiful to be able to follow their story from start to finish.

Clifford Dupuis

This is a great shot Debra and the storyline is amazing. I never knew this and for you to be able to capture the story in your picture is outstanding.

Debra Plett

Thanks very much Clifford. Yes indeed it is so fulfilling to watch and have and understanding what nature has shared with you.

Yves Langlois

Super shot at your beloved osprey Debra. Glad to have news from the nest. Both birds are beautyful on that blue sky. The 600mm shows very nice details. The young looks as big as the father and they are late going south. I hope he doesn't have a problem and he can fly.

Debra Plett

Thanks Yves for your comments, much appreciated. The father and son left a couple of weeks ago. All is good.

Heather Mellon

A beautiful capture of the male osprey feeding his son, Debra. It really shows the care and dedication that the male birds put into raising their young. I've witnessed how the male woodpeckers tend to their young when they bring them to the feeders for the first few times and it never fails to impress.

Debra Plett

Thank you very much for your comments Heather and sharing your story about the woodpeckers. Yes it truly is something to witness how wildlife cares for their families.

I took this picture just before the Osprey migrated south for the winter. The adult male is bringing his fish to share with his son. The adult female had left a week or so earlier leaving the male osprey to teach his son to fish. I had to share this picture with you because of the close bond that the male osprey does have with his son after the female osprey has left.
Taken By
Debra Plett
Taken On
September 28, 2023
osprey bird of prey springfield manitoba animal beak vulture accipiter sky accipitridae twig
  • Focal: 300
  • Lens Model: Sony 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G SSM (SAL70300G)
  • Shutter speed: 0.0005 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 5.6

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