Winter OWL

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Scott Reeve

Super shot! Complete with snowfall! Fantastic!

Debra Plett

Terrific shot Mark. I like how the branches frame the owl and you captured the gentle snow fall nicely. Very nice mood to the image.

Holly Ranville

Well captured!!

mark golding

Thanks so much Holly

Jen Anderson

This makes me feel like we have an understanding of each other. Beautiful. Thanks.

Barred Owl on an afternoon hunt Was a real treat to watch first one in quite a while on our property after seeing so many first 2 years here She landed in a perfect spot after me spooking it with ATV it ended up in a small clearing I made and I was on a hill so it put me at a better eye level with it and the snow was a real bonus Pretty much an full frame shot This one was very tolerant took so images then went back an got tripod wanted a slower speed to catch falling snow she stayed about 30 minutes then flew a bit higher in a pine I let her be to hunt the evening for food
Taken By
mark golding
Taken On
January 21, 2023
barred owl raptor strix varia bird animal tree plant beak
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