Shy Guy

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Debra Plett

Wow wonderful shot Heather. He looks so beautiful against the vivid blue sky sitting on the pole ready to take flight. It’s always nice when Mother Nature gives us an opportunity like this and we have our camera with us. I hope he shows up for you again.

Heather Mellon

Thank you so much Debra, and yes it certainly is nice. I decided out of the blue that day to drive around the area just in case and was very pleased to get some nice photos of him. With any luck we may see him or another one again, I hope.

Heather Mellon

Thank you so much Clifford. I think I got lucky because when I went back three days later he was nowhere to be seen.

Clifford Dupuis

Congrats on a super shot of this guy, well done

It was approaching sunset and the sun was very much in his eyes but I love the pose this Snowy Owl gave me when he finally turned his attention away from the field to check me out. It's the first sighting I've had of one of these owls for several years and a great way to start the new year.
Taken By
Heather Mellon
Taken On
January 11, 2023
snowy owl on a power pole bird animal
  • Focal: 350
  • Shutter speed: 0.002 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 8

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