A Snow Bunting Surprise

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i seen a small flock to day in the corn field


a good one of that bird hard birds to get good color the green is good with the bird colors

Heather Mellon

Thank you Jeff. That's true and I guess it's partly because they don't settle down for very long. This was the first time I tried to photograph them and photographing against the light didn't make it any easier.

Jenny Stevens

Hi Heather: What an interesting little fellow. I just read up on it as I am not familiar with them. I wondered where you took the shot. It is strange as Can Geo asks us to show where the shot was taken, but we cannot see it !!

Debra Plett

Wonderful sighting and shot Heather. I have never seen one in my area. I will keep my eyes open for these little guys. Thx for sharing and nicely captured.

Yves Langlois

Great shot Heather. Nice that you capture wide frame. This guy is at its best when we can feel the vastness of the field with a little snow. We have them too but I never had a chance to see one. Very beautyful bird.

Got my first sighting of this winters Snow Buntings a few days ago when they popped up unexpectedly along a gravel road. They're incredibly fast and flighty and I felt lucky to get this shot of one beside a weed that towered above it.
Taken By
Heather Mellon
Taken On
November 28, 2022
snow bunting bird a of winter anthus animal
  • Focal: 180
  • Shutter speed: 0.002 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 8

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