Sparrow & grasses

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Heather Mellon

Very nice composition and so beautifully detailed Yves. The weeping grasses you refer to are millet which provide a favorite seed for these birds and going by facial markings this cute little guy looks a lot like a Song or Savannah Sparrow, both of which are common to your area I think. This is a very nice photo and I'm glad you shared it with us.

Yves Langlois

Thank you for naming the bird and grasses. Well appreciated. Glad to know millet look so. We do have a lot of those sparrows. Love the colours of that one but use to see one that is not so colourful.

Debra Plett

I like this shot as well Yves, not so strange. The little sparrow is camouflaged but with your chosen DOF and positioning he stands out perfectly. The green leaves winding up the composition add a nice splash of contrast. Well done Yves, I would say another artistic capture.

Yves Langlois

Thank you so much for the comments Debra. Not so strange in fact. The dense packed millet and white stripe leaves make it at least unusual to me. I usualy try to get the subject clean and more visible. I like the effect though.

Debra Plett

Yes very nice effect Yves


that is a good one niece detailing of sparrow

Yves Langlois

Thanks Jeff

Clifford Dupuis

I like this one. The controlled DOF and focus all compliment this great composition.

Yves Langlois

Thank you very much Clifford

Not sure the kind of sparrow, neither the kind of weeping grass. But both together they make one of my strangest looking shot of the season.
Taken By
Yves Langlois
Taken On
November 13, 2022
sparrow grasses reed plant bird animal anthus
  • Focal: 400
  • Lens Model: 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM
  • Shutter speed: 0.0025 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 7.1

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