La La Land

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Yves Langlois

What an amazing catch that youhave there Jenny. The emotional attitude of the bear is showing so much. I feel he could bes human. Appreciate the nice lighting from the right and the bruch stroke of green jade.

Jenny Stevens

I too like that stroke of green ! It was almost as if he were relaxing in a hot tub. He was a happy bear for sure.

Debra Plett

He actually looks very content. The rocks in the background give it the appearance that he is in a secluded area. Beautiful capture Jenny.

Jenny Stevens

It was a hidden grotto in many ways. Yes he looks so content for sure. Gorgeous country in The Khutzeymateen..... Thank you

Jane LeBlanc

Great job as always, Jenny. Don't you wonder what he was thinking? (Get these people out of here so I can bathe in peace!!)

Jenny Stevens

Yes, I wondered what he was thinking .... something peaceful for sure. Thanks so much.

Clifford Dupuis

wow this is an amazing shot, the attention to detail and the concentration ore stellar, well done

Jenny Stevens

Hi Clifford. I so enjoyed this Grizzly as he was so at ease with us. It did not bother him at all that we were in his private pool.

Male Grizzly relaxing in a pool of water, probably to get away from the bugs which were in abundance. So peacefull.
Taken By
Jenny Stevens
Taken On
October 4, 2022
la land
  • Focal: 500
  • Lens Model: 500.0 mm f/5.6
  • Shutter speed: 0.001 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 8

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