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Very nices I been trying to replay but problums with the program i love the coloers back grownd with the birds white veary nices

Heather Mellon

Thank you so much Jeff, I always appreciate your comments. I returned to the marsh yesterday hoping to see them again but they must have gone back to the lake nearby.

Debra Plett

Always a great time when nature surprises you with something as beautiful as these swans. Very nice environmental capture Heather. A very serene image and I am sure the moment was a special one for you. Marshes are a great spot for birding and photography.

Heather Mellon

Thank you Debra, always appreciated. I missed out on the arrival of most of the Trumpeters this year so this one is pretty special for me.

Clifford Dupuis

Nice pic of these awesome birds. Great to see images that include their environment like you have done hear and the real treat is to go on a shoot expecting something and get pleasantly surprised.

Heather Mellon

Thank you Clifford. It certainly was a treat to come across these swans so unexpectedly. This is a pretty cool little marsh and they appear to be really enjoying the peace and quiet. And to think I nearly missed seeing them :)

Yves Langlois

Very nice shot Heather. The compo you choose gives a very bucolic mood to the photo. The surrounding is not very attractive but the way you shot it make it very pleasant to look at.

Heather Mellon

Thank you Yves. I chose to do only a slight crop in order to emphasize the water tones and reflections in the foreground a little and make the best of it. It's actually a nice looking marsh with some interesting twists and turns.. except for a group of dead willows.

I went to a nearby marsh yesterday looking for the usual red-winged blackbird and duck photo ops which I always enjoy but then I spotted this awesome trio across the other side of the water. Number 4 swan was hiding behind the reeds. They played hide and seek with me for a while and then came out to pose.
Taken By
Heather Mellon
Taken On
July 1, 2022
trumpeter swans on the marsh bird animal waterfowl flock
  • Focal: 400
  • Shutter speed: 0.004 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 8

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