January Coyote (2021)

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I was up before dawn and had seen this guy sleeping on a large square bale in the middle of a field just outside the city limits this cold January day. I waited for him to wake and wanted to see what he would get up to. It took him a couple hours to wake in that bitter cold and I had a couple of false exciting moments where he stood, stretched, looked around (often right at me) then decided it was still too cold and curled back up, covered his nose with his tail, and went to back to sleep. I envied the warmth of his fur coat. To my delight when he finally dropped off the bale, he wandered directly in my direction. For the next couple of hours he hunted mice in the field sometimes within mere yards of me. I'll never know how he decided that I was not a threat, but I'll never forget the time he spent sharing his world and work day with me.
Taken By
Bernie Larson
Taken On
December 26, 2021
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