Weightless II

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Bernie Ewing

Thank you Clifford - I have been looking for a shot like this for a very long time. Patience pays off!. (Sometimes lol_

Clifford Dupuis

what a great image with an awesome reflection. Lots of detail and colour

Floating along on dark waters that are being kissed by late afternoon sunshine breaking through the woodland canopy, a resplendent maple leaf makes its way to its next 'port of call' - a rock in the stream? a tangle of half-submerged branches along the banks, caught for days in a never-ending whirlpool of other leaves, foamy flecks and pale golden pine needles? I felt lucky and fortunate to see it, capture it, watch it drift along with the current and twist, turn and change course in the gentle breeze - bon voyage little piece of nature.
Taken By
Bernie Ewing
Taken On
October 22, 2021
autumn leaves colors water stream foam reflections leaf plant tree maple_leaf
  • Lens Model: 0.0 mm f/0.0
  • Shutter speed: 0.003125 sec

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