Atlantic Puffin

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Aaron Todd

Great post, Russell. A great story, a lovely portrait ... and totally worth it. Hope your ankle is feeling better.

Russell Lynch

Thanks Aaron! I can get around a lot better on it, but it’s still not 100%

These little birds have the most character out of anything I have gotten images of yet! They are graceful in there own way, yet funny to watch as they wobble around. When they fly they are like missiles flying through the sky, but landing on the other hand isn’t as graceful from time to This is my first time shooting these little characters and man did I love spending time with them. From the early morning rise to the 12 minute hike (that ended up being more like 30 mins because I blew out my ankle within the 1st 10 minutes of my trip), to sitting on the rocks and having a great conversation with either my father (who was with me the 1st day), then Robert Conway Photography (who made a surprise run out to meet me during sunrise at 2am in the morning) and Jose Albero Wildlife Photography (he has some amazing work and you should check it out). The only thing that made the trip better was seeing the expression on my little girls face when she got to experience the close encounters with these amazing creatures for her 1st time also. So if you were to ask me if the time spent icing my busted/swollen ankle after every trip, plus the time spent sitting on a rock at 5 am in hopes that one of the puffins would by chance let you get his portrait was worth it? Well you tell me!
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Russell Lynch
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September 19, 2021
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