Acrobatic New Parent

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had n nother look realy grat shot

Harold Fleming

Excellent focus here, Aaron! The grubs add a story and I like the background as well.

Aaron Todd

Thank you, Harold! Indeed the grubs show a new parent working to keep the family fed.


A good one Hard bird to get Nices

Aaron Todd

There are a challenge to frame up. That’s for sure. Cheers, Jeff!

Yves Langlois

Great shot AAron. Like the sharp details on the bird and the soft yellow of the background

Aaron Todd

Thank you, Yves!

The acrobatics of Black-and-white warblers are entertaining. It’s fun watching them creep along tree trunks and branches searching for food, sometimes walking straight down like a nuthatch. This photo, from June, shows a parent collecting food for its newly hatched brood, Halton Region, Ontario.
Taken By
Aaron Todd
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September 15, 2021
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