Hawk Attack!

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Chris Cullen

Nice shot, capturing action like this is hard to plan for. If you want to see the photo (any photo on this site since they updated the site) in its proper detail you need to either click on the enlarge icon below the photo (red 4 arrow button) or go to the photographer's gallery, both will display a much better quality photo. The detail in your image is much better after enlarging it, well done. You have a very nice gallery by the way, probably missed some of your shots earlier as they looked a little blurry.

Bald Eagle standing its ground against a Swainson's Hawk. The hawk came in fast with talons out and tried to knock the eagle off if it's fence post. The eagle kept it's balance after the attack. You can see the eagle using its '3rd eye' to protect the eyes from the attack. The image is out of focus a little as I was not expecting such a fast and fierce attack. I tried to sharpen it up a bit but just ended up degrading the image....so just used a little. Interesting that the hawk only did one attack run and moved on. for some reason my photos are uploading really blurry to cangeo photoclub site...I do not know why this is happening? The photos display properly on my other websites.
Taken By
James Anderson
Taken On
June 28, 2021
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