There Coming in Bunches

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Heather Mellon

Quite the trio you caught in this one.. I like the eye contact and unique pose you captured here. Great colors and detail too.

Harold Fleming

Most of the parts are there, Heather, but it might be a tough jigsaw puzzle. Thanks!

Jenny Stevens

At first glance it looked like a two-headed deer ! Great find and what a terrific composition.

Harold Fleming

All the legs can be kind of confusing, Jenny, and the extra head when you don't see the body, but if the object is to hold the viewer's eye it does that just trying to see where all the legs belong.

Jane LeBlanc

I like the colours and composition, Harold. We never see groups of bucks here.

Harold Fleming

I have a photo from seven or eight years ago with five bucks in a field, Jane, but slightly more spread than these. That would be the most I've seen together here. The most I've ever seen together would be in Oregon where I saw more than a dozen mule deer in a bunch. I believe in the winter they may gather in greater numbers.

Yves Langlois

Like that shot with three different angle of the heads. They are pretty nice and do nice photo but they are a real problem of infestation here. I use to have a house in the edge of the city. At spring time they where eating up all the new growth of flowers around the house. then in the season they keep chewing new leafs in the small bushes. No firearm is allowed and putting a fence is not really an option in town. Nothing to do except offers them coffee and donuts.

Harold Fleming

I agree, Yves. They are creatures of habit. Here on the north end of Haida Gwaii they move at dusk every day towards the beaches where the grasses are more salty and they head back to the meadows through the night and towards dawn feeding on things as they go. They pass through people's yards and do a lot of damage as they go.

Wally Lutz

Could be a painting, lovely.

Harold Fleming

Thank you very much, Wally! I appreciate that.

I took a look into the creek bed near my home this morning hoping to see my Deer friend. There is a log crossing the creek that has been there for many years giving me a path across without getting my feet wet. Today I was not only blessed to see my friend, but there on top of the log and with every intention of coming into my garden, were two other bucks. There was also a fourth one chewing on salmonberry branches away from the three. I guess because they saw me they did not come to my garden right away but passed through it an hour later.
Taken By
Harold Fleming
Taken On
June 24, 2021
animal deer blacktail bucks wildlife antelope mammal
  • Focal: 300
  • Lens Model: EF70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM
  • Shutter speed: 0.00125 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 7.1

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