Great Gray Owl

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Debra Plett

Beautifully captured Wally, like the commentary as well.

Wally Lutz

Thanks Deb

Aaron Todd

Awesome story, Wally. Great discovery and great shot.

Wally Lutz

Thanks Aaron, drive by shooting

She watched my old truck fly-by in a cloud of dust and no-doubt saw the surprise on my face as it dawned on me what was perched on that iron rod in the ditch. I slammed on the brake and ground to a halt in an even bigger cloud of dust. I clambered out on to the gravel trying to see if she was still there. Yup, still there for now, anyway only about fifty yards away. Of course wrong lens and changed it, before I stumbled down into the ditch on the opposite side of the road to begin my “sneaking approach.” With my head barely showing above the crest of the road I slowly approached with the camera lens covering my face. Her head had swiveled around and she watched in disinterest as I got closer. (Very sneaky she thought) I kept shooting the whole time hoping she'd do something besides swivel her head. No not to be, but the “Photon Gods” had smiled.
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Wally Lutz
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June 7, 2021
great gray owl bird animal
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