Greater Scaup

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Natally Klaric

This is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful bird, beautiful light & a beautiful setting, just perfect! ❤️

Aaron Todd

Thank you, Natally, for sharing your kind comments. Coincidentally, I just clicked the like button on your lovely dark-eyed junco photo that you just posted. Mutual admiration apparently.

Jenny Stevens

I easily recognized this shot as your work Aaron. You are a master of softness with tack sharp images.

Aaron Todd

Thank you so much, Jenny. Your kind and thoughtful comment made my day brighter.

The colours of the shoreline vegetation were reflected in the water on this March 2021 morning. I love being on the shoreline in the early morning when it’s quiet and calm and the ducks are doing duck things.
Taken By
Aaron Todd
Taken On
April 13, 2021
duck waterfowl scaup reflection spring morning colours bird animal mallard
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