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Vera good good timing with that one

Jane LeBlanc

I agree with Harold. Great job, as always, Jenny.

Jenny Stevens

Thank you so much Jane. I so love these Kermode Bears. Such a treat to see one.

Harold Fleming

This one tells the story of the bear. We might need a start and a finish but one can imagine the bear taking this fish to the cubs or carrying it back into the forest edge to eat which in turn helps to fertilize the forest. A very nice frontal with the light striking the rock next to the bear which adds a bit of orange reflection onto the shoulder of the bear.

Jenny Stevens

Thank you Harold. You are correct in the fact that the bear took this salmon ashore to eat. The smaller ones he would eat parts of while he was still in the creek. But, the larger ones such as this, he took into the forest to eat.

Aaron Todd

Terrific shot, Jenny!

Jenny Stevens

Thank you so much Aaron. Must appreciated.

Mr. Kermode has snagged himself a spawning pink salmon from Riordan Creek in The Great Bear Rainforest, BC.
Taken By
Jenny Stevens
Taken On
April 6, 2021
kermode fish bear mammal wildlife animal polar_bear
  • Lens Model: 80-403mm f/4.5-5.7

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