A Bird of a Different Colour

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Nina Stavlund

I love these guys!

Bernie Ewing

Thank you Nina - I like their approachability, their antics and behaviors. And to boot, each pigeon has its own unique 'artwork' displayed in the design, patterns, tints and arrangement of its feathers. Wonderful!

Yves Langlois

Super portrait Bernie. I agree with you about the kind of bird to shoot. You sure have the talent to present many different images of the same pigeon and each one will be a piece of art. This is an amazing portrait of a common bird..

Bernie Ewing

Thank you very much Yves for your generous comment. I don't know about my talent, but the pigeon's talent - the art, the textures, the colours - comes naturally.

Debra Plett

Wow Bernie this portrait is exceptional. Such beautiful colours, detail and great focus.

Bernie Ewing

Thank you Debra - they are colorful, and to boot, you can find them almost anywhere in plain sight. Sometimes too plentiful . .

Bernie Ewing

Thank you Clifford. This pigeon and I shared a spot on the Halifax waterfront for about 1/2 hour . . and I did not feed him/her. Very obliging bird, and the best part was that the background is totally natural - part of the pier structure, so the post-editing was so easy. Thanks again.

Clifford Dupuis

These guys are always so colorful and what a great pic you have captured, so clear, sharp and uncluttered, well done

Bernie Ewing

Thank you Clifford.

I am always impressed with the quality and diversity of the 'bird images' shown on this site - some absolutely gorgeous shots of birds from coast to coast to coast. My admiration and congratulations go to the talented folks who have created and shared these images. Around here, the bird population is not overly generous - both in quantity of birds, and the variety of species. But there is always an opportunity to do one's best - hence I post this portrait of one of our everyday friends.
Taken By
Bernie Ewing
Taken On
March 7, 2021
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  • Camera:
  • Focal: 300
  • Lens Model: 70.0-300.0 mm f/4.0-5.6
  • Shutter speed: 0.0008 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 11

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