The Milky Way Core setting over car trails on the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island.

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This is a composite of nine photos: three taken for the foreground and six for the sky. It was quiet on the parkway after midnight so I set up for continuous shots of ~5 minutes in length and drove to near the entrance and back to light up the cliffside and road. For the night sky, a motorized mount was used to track the movement of the sky and take multiple 2-minute exposures (without the tracker, I could only take 18-second exposures with my setup before the starlight begins to streak). The foreground and sky images were then independently merged (to reduce image noise, increase detail) and then both were overlaid. Unfortunately, there was a bit of low cloud passing through the frame and the town of Chéticamp produced a fair bit of light pollution as well.
Taken By
Brent Wilson
Taken On
August 26, 2020
cape breton highlands national park milky way
  • Shutter speed: 728 sec

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