Looking Back in Time

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Brent Ball

Thanks for commenting Murray Cotton. Actually, this is not a composite but rather simply one of 150 frames taken during a timelapse sequence I was shooting to capture the Milky Way rising over the Erratic. With this FOV, a lot of the light pollution can be mitigated with proper Milky Way capture techniques.

Murray Cotton

Gorgeous image. composite of 2 exposure it looks like. Looks good not to much light pollution it seems even though close to Calgary and a bunch of small towns.

Brent Ball

Thanks for those encouraging comments, gordonpusnik!

Gordon Pusnik

Gorgeous shot, wow, great work!!

Brent Ball

Thanks margaret1. One of my favorites!

Okotoks Erratic framing the Milky Way taken from the lesser photographed backside of the Erratic. Fun Facts: The Okotoks Erratic (aka "Big Rock") is a 41m by 18m by 9m high boulder, weighing in at 16,200 metric tons. It was transported from the Jasper area of the Rocky Mountains (formed 80 million years ago) by a glacier during the last ice age (17,000 years ago) and deposited 500 km away to it's resting spot 8km west of Okotoks. The Milky Way (our galaxy) is some 13 billion years old.
Taken By
Brent Ball
Taken On
June 28, 2017
milky way okotoks big rock
  • Focal: 18
  • Lens Model: 18.0-35.0 mm f/1.8
  • Shutter speed: 10 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 1.8

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