Bull Moose Flehmen

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On an early morning drive into the park with some friends we spotted several moose enter the forest near the road. I did not have much time before we had to be back to meet for breakfast so I decided to called even the moose. I could instantly hear the cow moose respond to me just a little ways in the bush. I knew there was a cow, calf and bull moose and the "rut" was starting. I called a couple more time before hearing more responses and rustling in the bush. Starting to head towards the SUV and the noise I hear my friend shout "she is right there!" as show exited the forest and made the SUV I was driving. The calf came out and right behind was the bull. There wasn't much mist out and we hoped they would make there way to the marsh a little ways away and the next thing you know I hear again my friend say "they are over here!" We started to watch them cross the field and interact with each other. The bull moose later walked up and started to raise his head and front lip to smell for pheromones in the air. This was defiantly an awesome interaction to witness! Thank you for viewing and feel free to share. For more information on workshop, guiding or private lessons be sure to check out my website or email me for more information. cowboywithacamera@gmail.com www.cowboywithacamera.com/ ©2016 - Wesley Liikane - Cowboy with a Camera
Taken By
Wesley Liikane
Taken On
September 18, 2016
moose ontario canada rut flehmen
  • Focal: 190
  • Shutter speed: 0.0015625 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 8
  • ISO: 1600

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