The Morning Tree

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Karen Cook

Thank you Santalucia. I took a series of three of this fabulous sunrise. In each, the lighting is amazing, the tree is seemingly divided by night and day. One of nature's miracles, for sure!

Brenda Santalucia

This is a wonderful shot. The light is amazing. Well done.

One of the most amazing photos I have taken. One early morning as I was hoping for a great sunrise shot, I saw this tree. On the west side there was still a hint of night but on the east side of the tree, the sun was beginning to rise. This photo has not been digitally altered in any way..This was the morning tree and the sunrise that started the day.
Taken By
Karen Cook
Taken On
May 18, 2014
sunrise dawn tree silhouette west east night day sunrise kingston nova scotia
  • Camera: COOLPIX L820
  • Focal: 7.7
  • Shutter speed: 0.02 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 3.6
  • ISO: 125

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