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Short Eared Owl
by AnthonyBucci

Short Eared Owl puffed up and ready to shake out it's feathers in the golden hour of sunlight

Earlier this year:

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Irina Kelly
moosehome commented on "American Mink" 2017-11-23 1:25pm

Around here, our RCMP call them Fisher's, either way i love them as monsters or angels!

CrzyCnuk commented on "American Mink" 2017-11-23 9:30am

Thanks very much hmellon :)

Sticks commented on "Red Breasted Nuthatch" 2017-11-23 9:25am

Great capture! They are one of my favourite birds :)

Sticks commented on "Pattern in a Root" 2017-11-23 9:20am

Great focal point - and I love the softness and warmth of the shot :)

Sticks commented on "Half Submerged" 2017-11-23 9:18am

Cool - I like it :)

Sticks commented on "Ghost forest" 2017-11-23 9:16am

Cool :)

Sticks commented on "The Mexican Standoff" 2017-11-23 9:14am

Love those critters :)

Sticks commented on "Morning Moose" 2017-11-23 9:12am

Beauty :)

hmellon commented on "H2O Gloss" 2017-11-23 8:58am

Great shot.. he stands out beautifully here!

hmellon commented on "American Mink" 2017-11-23 8:57am

Your patience really paid off.. beautiful capture!