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At the end of each week, the Canadian Geographic Photo Club chooses an outstanding image to win Photo of the Week.

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Jenny_Stevens commented on "Mossy Shore/Sydenham River" 2017-03-30 2:29pm

Gorgeous shot.. not a great place for hiking .. those mossy rocks ! Love the colours.

Jenny_Stevens commented on "Opstappen" 2017-03-30 2:27pm

Opstappen is a great word ! I may use it when I am ticked off with someone.. 'Why don't you opstappen !' Back to your shot. Amazing as these are certainly not easy to capture with great clarity and color.

hmellon commented on "dusk " 2017-03-29 2:16pm

Thanks for your comment, Jenny. Yes.. I started out with Canon and still use both of them on occasion. I am quite partial to many of the Canon features, especially for crisp close-up photos, but I also enjoy working with my Nikon too. I'm hoping to upgrade some time in the near future but not sure which way to go.. Canon vs Nikon. Hard to know which way to go. Anyone have suggestions?

Jenny_Stevens commented on "The Overgrown Rat" 2017-03-29 1:57pm

Hi Allen. I so miss the old days on CanGeo... I see you are still there. Superb Opossum shot and you are so correct . . . I have seen the odd one on the side of the road. Not is the wild though. I hope life is treating you well. I have made an email Can Geo friend - Wayne Duke - We may meet this summer along with his wife Linda. Love seeing your work....

Jenny_Stevens commented on "Alone" 2017-03-29 1:53pm

Gorgeous shot Shelley. The snow almost makes a vignette around your subject. I am trying to find my old friends on CanGeo... they are mostly gone. Good to see you work again....

Jenny_Stevens commented on "Lily For A Day" 2017-03-29 1:47pm

Ah... the good old days. You will probably never see this... lovely shot.... I sure miss the old CanGeo.

hmellon commented on "Pine Marten" 2017-03-29 11:44am

Cute as a button.. what a gorgeous capture!

hmellon commented on "Opstappen" 2017-03-29 11:40am

An awesome capture of this gorgeous little jewel! I like the title you chose, it is trying at times to come up with a name for an image and I often struggle with that.

Sheri Rypstra commented on "Bear and Fox" 2017-03-29 11:20am

Absolutely amazing twofer shot

Sheri Rypstra commented on "Drenched in Fog" 2017-03-29 11:19am

Perfectly wonderful shot!