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hmellon commented on "Cute Couple" 2017-06-23 2:29pm

What a lovely capture!

hmellon commented on "Pelicans of Paradise" 2017-06-22 11:31pm

They look so fine and elegant against the blue water.. such a beautiful capture!

hmellon commented on "Clay-Colored Sparrow" 2017-06-19 6:40pm

Thank you Sticks! A footnote to this photo.. I was cleaning grass out of a rosebush nearby this tamarack today and to my shock I had also pulled out a baby bird. It was a baby Clay-Colored Sparrow and fortunately not hurt but trying to run away. I managed to scoop him up and return him to the nest in the rosebush, gathered up some of the grass I had pulled and placed it back over the nest area.. then I went inside feeling just a bit shaken over the whole episode. When I looked out later he was out again and had four adult birds escorting him back to the nest. I checked again, much to the consternation of the adult birds, but all seems to be well now, thank goodness! Lesson learned, too.

hmellon commented on "My new neighbours." 2017-06-19 6:27pm

Lucky you! They're so beautiful and I love the way they're eyeing you.. great shot!

hmellon commented on "Star Flower/Fringed Polygonia" 2017-06-19 6:25pm

Sublime colours and detail here.. beautiful image!

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