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We examine areas such as exposure, composition, use of colour and light, contrast, clarity, mood, framing, unique perspective - all these elements are to be balanced to produce the most brilliant portrayal.

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by donnar

A tiny patch of frost (1" X 1") in the corner of my window at sunset.

Earlier this year:

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TRitchie commented on "Hungry young blue herons" 2017-03-27 5:15pm


ShawnBurns commented on "Cool Morning on The St. Lawrence River" 2017-03-27 12:09pm

Thank you for the nice comments...sharing raw and beautiful nature with others and those people understanding it brings much joy to me.

linda mcbride commented on "Balance" 2017-03-26 7:48pm

That is another impressive shot !

linda mcbride commented on "Hunting mode!" 2017-03-26 7:46pm

Beautiful shot !!! Bravo .

watson_123 commented on "Frost" 2017-03-26 6:47pm

That is quite pretty!! Great eye to sight this treasure in your window and a creative image indeed!

Wayne_Duke commented on "Back Off !" 2017-03-26 4:01pm

Jenny, it's showing a little attitude, hey you got your shots now it's time for me to eat is what he is relating.

watson_123 commented on "Portrait of A Swan" 2017-03-26 3:37pm

Lovely close up of the Mute Swan!

watson_123 commented on "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" 2017-03-26 3:34pm

Wonderful in B & W, great BIF shot and lovely bokeh!

watson_123 commented on "Mt. Rundle/Vermillion Lakes" 2017-03-26 2:48pm

Beautiful! image! Love the tones!

watson_123 commented on "Golden Hour Great Gray in flight" 2017-03-26 2:46pm

Thank you so much Yvan_leduc :)