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Enchanted Forest
by Nick Taffs

I took this image, late at night near sibbald flats in Kananaskis Alberta. I had to work the following day, and the lack of sleep caught up to me. The aurora display was spectacular that night. I may have been a bit tired, but it was worth it.

Earlier this year:

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Santalucia commented on "Enchanted Forest" 2016-10-24 3:16pm

Congrats on POW Nick. Wonderful capture.

damonwest commented on "Enchanted Forest" 2016-10-24 1:12pm

Great shot !! And well done

FerneDalton commented on "curves" 2016-10-23 2:25pm

What a lovely composition. Thanks for the inspiration.

FerneDalton commented on "untitled" 2016-10-23 2:21pm

Good eye!

FerneDalton commented on "Helmcken Falls" 2016-10-23 2:10pm

I lived near here for 17 years and have seen a lot of pictures of Helmken Falls. This is a good one. You're exposure caught the spray,. The framing is about as good as you can get for a challenging overall landscape shot. I find that spots as dramatic as this are challenging. The overwelming size and the thundering sound is difficult to experience through a photograph. I am often disappointed with mine.

Santalucia commented on "Rest Stop" 2016-10-23 8:45am

Thanks for taking the time to comment Naturelor.

Jenny_Stevens commented on "October Swans" 2016-10-23 8:10am

Yes.. that is a familiar site in my area as well. Living on a lake, I see so many water fowl taking a rest like they did in your photo. Lovely shot of a sure sign of winter...

BruceChristie commented on "Monarch Butterfly in flight" 2016-10-23 2:25am

Thanks so much guys!

naturelor1970 commented on "Cedar Waxwing With Berry" 2016-10-23 2:06am

Amazing shot Lauren! The waxwing is very clear and so is the berry about to be swallowed. I find it difficult to capture all the shades on a waxwing without either over/or under exposing some areas.

naturelor1970 commented on "Chinese Golden Pheasant" 2016-10-23 1:59am

Even before clicking on this photo here, I knew this was the gorgeous guy from Bloedel! I have a similar photo myself. Very nice shot! I love the photos the Canon Powershots take.