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Arctic Jazz
by 1David L.Labrie

rise of a full moon at sea up in the arctic

Earlier this year:

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tonyjoyce commented on "Grin and Bear It" 2017-10-19 3:15pm

Many thanks for the kind words, appreciate the comments!

ShawnLaVie commented on "Mid Creek Meal" 2017-10-19 1:31pm

Great shot!

Jenny_Stevens commented on "Monaarch Butterflies" 2017-10-19 10:56am

Stunning colours ... good one.

Sticks commented on "One of these Night" 2017-10-19 9:45am

That must have been a really magical moment. Pictures can only do so much, - so your trip must have been absolutely incredible!!! Thank you for all of your posts :)

Sticks commented on "The Left Overs" 2017-10-19 9:41am

Whoa - that is awesome David - what a shot! Great post :)

Sticks commented on "Rays of Light" 2017-10-19 9:40am

Looks like one of my trails back in Victoria - looking forward to walking it! Thank you for your post :)

Sticks commented on "Remember to Breath " 2017-10-18 11:53pm

Beautiful :)

Sticks commented on "Golden Yoho" 2017-10-18 11:49pm

Whoa - now that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

Sticks commented on "Rainbow Trout" 2017-10-18 11:46pm

Looks like a beauty :)

Jeff Aelick commented on "Water Jellyfish" 2017-10-18 8:00pm

nieces one love the blue is really sharp good shot sheri