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We examine areas such as exposure, composition, use of colour and light, contrast, clarity, mood, framing, unique perspective - all these elements are to be balanced to produce the most brilliant portrayal.

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St. John's
by philippe_friolet

fog over signal hill

Earlier this year:

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Elisabeth Burgess
elisabeth1 commented on "State of flight" 2016-06-26 11:39pm

nice capture, love the wings

Scott_Young commented on "A Prairie View" 2016-06-26 4:36pm

Nice feel to this Ian.

yvan_leduc commented on "Abandoned history" 2016-06-26 3:56pm

Wonderful ! dramatic hdr effects ! i guess ?
Spectacular photography !
Congratulation !!

yvan_leduc commented on "Baby Woodpecker" 2016-06-26 3:53pm

Amazing cute !

yvan_leduc commented on "Hentz Jumping Spider" 2016-06-26 3:52pm

Hi Dale,
i have the same camera and same micro 40mm lens, so i know how much you was close to the spider, pretty pretty close !!
Gorgeous macro shot !

yvan_leduc commented on "A Prairie View" 2016-06-26 3:50pm

Marvelous perspective and feeling of distance.
Extraordinary clouds !!!
5 stars !!!!

yvan_leduc commented on "white admiral butterfly" 2016-06-26 3:49pm

Beautiful ! colors are wonderful !

yvan_leduc commented on "Dragonfly (6697)" 2016-06-26 3:48pm

Wow ! Gorgeous shot !!!!

hmellon commented on "Old Man Fox " 2016-06-24 9:30am

Great shot and message!

Elisabeth Burgess
elisabeth1 commented on "Brilliance" 2016-06-23 3:54pm

nice capture Shirley