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I am originally from Ontario and now live in Quebec (a place where I have always felt very connected to). I am a solo world traveler and I have worked and studied in Kochi, Japan, Konstanz, Hannover, Cologne, Germany and in Guangzhou, China. I have traveled to many countries in Europe and in Asia (almost always independently). I am a passionate, self proclaimed and amateur photographer. I lose all track of time with my camera and I love the challenge to take a good photo! I hope you enjoy my photographs and I thank you endlessly for viewing them! Because I have no formal training in photography (I am solely self taught), any comments you provide both positive and/or critical are greatly appreciated! Happy greetings to you from Quebec. Erica Pridoehl. B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.


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Erica Pridoehl commented on "Mobile Marty" 2013-06-24 11:15pm

I love this rabbit

Erica Pridoehl commented on ""Andersen Homestead"" 2013-05-27 1:35am

Awesome photo!

Erica Pridoehl commented on "Good morning Guangzhou!" 2013-05-25 10:48pm

Thank you very much for the comment, Richard. I am happy you liked it!

Erica Pridoehl commented on "Quebec City horses in the sping" 2013-05-11 9:41am

Thanks again for the comment, Mr. Yates. Very appreciated.

Erica Pridoehl commented on "Guangzhou Bridge at night" 2013-05-07 5:03pm

Thank you, Yvan

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