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Welcome to my photography on Canadian Geographic Photoclub! Spending time in the outdoors has always been a passion of mine. It was observing Snowy Owls that got me hooked on nature/wildlife photography. Most of my subject matter is avian but I will readily spend hours photographing almost anything else in the natural world. Currently I live near a small town, Rockland, just east of Ottawa. I work in Ottawa and so most of my photography is done in eastern Ontario. Thank you for dropping by and enjoy. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Bill McMullen




Bill McMullen commented on "Out of the Darkness" 2013-01-30 9:23pm

Thanks for the comments. Mikey, Great Grays are among the most approachable of the larger owls but nonetheless they can be skittish at times. I never approach an owl directly or head on but rather slowly meander my way very slowly and stopping frequently and allowing the owl to focus its attention elsewhere. Usually they go back to what they were doing and pay little attention to me. Good luck!

Bill McMullen commented on "Pair of Plovers" 2012-11-09 12:57pm

Thanks for the comments. I love photographing shorebirds but it does require much patience as it usually involves lying flat and still for long periods of time. The rewards can be great, however, as some birds will come very close.


Thanks for the comments. Always appreciated :)

Bill McMullen commented on "the jay" 2012-11-07 1:36pm

Brilliant in-flight image, Isabella! They are so much fun to photograph and they work for peanuts ;)

Bill McMullen commented on "THE HUNTED " 2012-11-07 12:46pm

A very capable hunter even at that age :) Well done, Michele.

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