Big Elk in Jasper Lake

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Nunzio Guerrera

Did you put that Elk there on purpose come on that is too amazing

James Anderson

LOL! Nope, the big Elk was just strolling down the lake near the shore where I was. I just snapped away as it strolled on by and it happen to stop and take a look at me for a few seconds. I ended up getting a whole series of images of the Elk. The Elk was enjoying a cool dip on a hot afternoon :) Thanks Nunzio for the comment!


Saw this big Elk in Jasper Lake with some huge velvety antlers...what a beaut!

Taken By
James Anderson
Taken On
February 28, 2024
jasper national park elk animal deer mammal wildlife antelope water sky cloud mountain natural_landscape highland lake fawn
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