The Bigger Guy

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Clifford Dupuis

Great details and focus on this awesome portrait shot..well done

Debra Plett

Thanks Clifford, he was a thrill to photograph.

Heather Mellon

I love the close-up view of this fellow, Debra.. excellent focus and detail too. I'm glad that you captured the opportunity and shared it with us,

Debra Plett

Thanks for the generous feedback Heather. This moment will remain with me for a long time. Glad to have been given an opportunity to take a few pictures.


he makes my bucks bad grat shots

Yves Langlois

Wow, beautyfull shot. Like it very much Debra. Sharp focus and the side close up in front of an evergreen is gogeous. It really shows the beauty of the beast.

Debra Plett

Thanks Yves for the generous comments. I am extremely thankful that this fellow let me take a few pictures of him. He is simply astonishing.

Jane LeBlanc

They never stop like that in the open, do they, Debra? Still a nice shot...good focus.

Debra Plett

You are right Jane. It is tough to find a buck in the open they are usually in the trees or just along the edge of the bush. thanks Jane.


Grat one of that big buck

Debra Plett

thank you Jeff

I was in the car when I took this picture and was not able to adjust the zoom back to bring in some more of the landscape. I decided to try and get a portrait while he was standing so still but there was a lot of twigs and brush that are slightly blurred through his chest and nose. Regardless I thought I would share a closeup of this very beautiful White-tailed buck.
Taken By
Debra Plett
Taken On
November 11, 2021
white tailed deer buck doe birds hill park manitoba kangaroo wallaby mammal animal elk wildlife antler antelope
  • Focal: 600
  • Lens Model: Sony FE 200–600mm F5.6–6.3 G OSS (SEL200600G)
  • Shutter speed: 0.0015625 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 6.3

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