Second Spring

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Bernie Ewing

Natural leading line of boulders and stone drawing one to the leaning maple and conifer. Lovely reflection of both - and fitting quote from Camus. Wonderful Ann - deserves to be printed up wall-size and prominently and proudly displayed.

Ann Kilbreath

Thank you for your kind comments Bernie.


good one thay are now starting to show good reflichon t like the red Maple showing of lening over the sprue healping it to stand out the rock in front that is a pont of view

Ann Kilbreath

Thank you Jeff.

Philosopher Albert Camus is known to have said, "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." What a wonderful way to look at and live the beauty found in the abundant and colourful fall foliage we are blessed with in Canada.
Taken By
Ann Kilbreath
Taken On
October 2, 2021
fall lake leaves nature colour reflection clouds water outdoors tree plant fir abies land
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