Colours In The Cove

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Picture this! It’s a cool windy morning and your tucked into a patch of woods on the side of a cliff waiting for that perfect moment to capture what will be one of the must beautiful sunrises so far this summer. As you sit there waiting all your senses seem to be heighten. You can smell the ocean off the cool breeze mix with the scent of the wild flowers all around you like a sweet perfume. While above you the eagles fly and call to each other as they go after the caplin along the shore. Then it happens! That perfect moment turns into the must unforgettable thing you will ever see as the colours just stream across the sky and ocean. Now as you sit there looking out at the massive sea stack that is sitting center stage in this beautiful scene you can’t help but feel at home!
Taken By
Russell Lynch
Taken On
September 19, 2021
newfoundland landscape hiking hikenl explorenl seastack ocean sunrise cliff wildflowers seascape coastal coastline canada scenic land nature outdoors shoreline water sea coast peninsula
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