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Wonderful shot. This is a golden eagle, as can be seen by the spiky slightly paler feathers on the crown. I photographed a golden eagle of very similar appearance and rescued a sick one (which sadly died), so I'm somewhat familiar with them. Three-year-old bald eagles have blondish crowns, but they never extend down the neck like this one.

o driving around the Interlake region we came upon a massive bald eagle that, as soon as we drove a couple feet on the gravol road, lifted off and away it went. Bummer. A missed opportunity but truthfully, we could not have known it was there as it's head was down and it was in the ditch. So we continue slowly up the road and in the area where the eagle and flown, we see ruffling now we creep. I can see with my telephoto that we have another eagle (I figure it's a yearling) in full frenzy on a deer carcass. We can clearly see where the deer was taken down on the road ahead....perhaps hit by a vehicle...but then it has been dragged to the ditch. This raptor could care less we were there....and we stayed in the car as a blind.
Taken By
Leslie Mehner
Taken On
September 1, 2021
eagle raptor eating feathers wildlife country rural manitoba birding deer death life circle of youngster yearling bird animal vulture buzzard hawk
  • Focal: 30.18
  • Lens Model: 3.8-247.0 mm
  • Shutter speed: 0.002 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 5.6

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