Kayaks only at low tide

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Clifford Dupuis

awesome shot depicting the tremendous tides that are here.

Debra Plett

Very nice shot Jane showcasing the community and lobster boats as the tide resides. I visited there briefly in 2014 and thoroughly enjoyed all the sights.

Harold Fleming

Very good composition, Jane. Lots of nice colour across the photo. It gives the feeling of a small fun-loving community where work has been put aside for a time to enjoy oneself.

Jane LeBlanc

Thanks, Harold. Most of the folks in the kayaks are tourists (having just opened our borders to other Canadians) and I'm sure the tour operator appreciates them.

Since the tide is going out, and the lobster boats are sitting in the mud, the only way to get around the harbour in St. Martins is by kayak! Bay of Fundy tides at work.
Taken By
Jane LeBlanc
Taken On
July 3, 2021
kayak harbour tide fundy boat vehicle transportation person human rowboat watercraft vessel
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  • Shutter speed: 0.001 sec
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