Water reflection #2

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Heather Mellon

I like the idea behind this photo Yves because it shows so beautifully the impact of the landscape around water on the colors it reflects. Beautiful tones and textures here too and the mallards once again provide the perfect focal point.

Yves Langlois

Thank you Heather for the very nice words. May be I am too maniac about those water reflections. I am always surprise how it can put colours in a picture.

Debra Plett

Nice one Yves, I agree with Harold the deep green appears more teal. Very interesting how the bounce of reflection and light can make colours appear in a photo. Very nice.

Yves Langlois

Thank you very much Debra. Just want to show how special can be a water reflection.

Harold Fleming

Great reflections and they show a different colour than the deep green that we normally see on mallard ducks.

Yves Langlois

Thank you very much Harold. Love to shoot those mallard.

The wind speed produce a dense pack of mini waves. A close up on the orange reflection of the turbine building (see preceeding photo of Drummond dam site) produce a reflection with stricking texture.. I suggest you use the enlarge option to appreciate the colours and lighting
Taken By
Yves Langlois
Taken On
June 15, 2021
water reflection mallard duck waterfowl bird animal teal
  • Focal: 400
  • Lens Model: 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM
  • Shutter speed: 0.0125 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 22

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