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Clifford Dupuis

Well done Yves, and to capture these birds with this perspective is amazing

Yves Langlois

Thank you Clifford

Harold Fleming

Your photo does have that Amazon look to it, Yves. Nice focus on the wing feathers.

Yves Langlois

Thank you very much Harold. Glad you feel that Amazon look too.

Heather Mellon

I love how this shot just takes you there. You captured him from the perfect viewpoint and the result is magical! Beautiful detail on the heron and the landscape beneath him. A great shot Yves!

Yves Langlois

Thank you Heather. You know how big is my imagination. I am the photograpger of course but I must thank Mother Nature that present me those best moment once in a while.

Jenny Stevens

Terrific timing to see from 'above' ! They are a wonderful bird to see in the wild.

Yves Langlois

Agree with you Jenny. This one of my favorite shot. Every time I feel I am looking at the Amazon river from a National Geographic film. Quite proud of it.

Debra Plett

Wow nice view of the heron flying over the river. You don’t realize just how big they are until you see them in flight like this. Good focusing on the heron Yves.

Yves Langlois

Thank you Debra. Great pleasure on that one. I started following the guy over the reeds (botom). The border of the reeds is their usual landing. I hoped that one would continue and cross the river so the shot would have been much better. Thank God he did and I shot him at the right place over river..

Not so often that I have a top view on the great blue heron. I caugh that one crossing the Magog river. Large wing span, wing tips special feathers, gliding close to the water, silent, just like a bird of prey about to strike.
Taken By
Yves Langlois
Taken On
April 22, 2021
great blue heron land nature outdoors water bird animal waterfowl
  • Focal: 400
  • Lens Model: 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM
  • Shutter speed: 0.00025 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 5.6

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