Sticking the Landing

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Jane LeBlanc

I love the composition, Aaron!! Love the diagonal line of the post, the lighting, as Jenny said, great focus!! Nice!!

Aaron Todd

This is very thoughtful Jane. Thanks for sharing. I was very happy when I noticed the owls using this leaning post as a perch. It provided some interesting opportunities for compositions.

Jenny Stevens

A wonderful capture Aaron. Great balancing act as well. Superb colours in the plumage, plus the lighting is perfect.

Aaron Todd

I really appreciate your feedback on the light and colour. Thank you Jenny for taking the time to share your perspective.

Last week I had my first ever encounter with short-eared owls. I hope there are many more. It was magical. It is amazing to watch their aerial acrobatics and to see and listen to their encounters with each other and the harriers that hunt over the same fields.
Taken By
Aaron Todd
Taken On
March 1, 2021
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