Osprey Chicks Growing Quickly

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Yves Langlois

Simple shot but meaningfull. I like it Debra. You are a quite good writer so the narrative adds to the interest. Now I know that mom let the chicks alone in the nest and supervise at a distance. I noticed that on the three shots two chicks always stand together and the third one is always appart.

Debra Plett

From what I have read the chicks can hatch out anywhere from a couple of days to as much as a week apart. So in a larger nest the youngest can be a fair bit smaller. The oldest sibling and so on eat first and sometimes the youngest is quite small as it does not get as much food. Once the oldest starts flying and gets to be good At flying the male Osprey will teach the oldest sibling fishing. Hopefully then the youngest will start to get more food and become stronger. I have my fingers crossed that all are strong and healthy for their commute south this fall.

Yves Langlois

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the subjet. Knowledge acquired in the field, waching. By the way, last 2 weeks, an osprey showed me one of his fiching tecknique. In 10 minutes, he checked the hole surface of the river for a good 1500 feets with that ingenious technique.

Debra Plett

awesome and interesting information Yves. Thanks for sharing. By the way I was coming home from Winnipeg today -Aug 6 (without camera) and the oldest chick was out of the nest sitting on the hydro pole with mom.

Heather Mellon

Nice crisp clear capture of the three chicks through the side of the nest I'd say. It looks like they're thriving and it won't be long before they're ready to leave the nest..

Debra Plett

Thanks Heather, yes it won’t be long. Will try to visit the nest every second or third day now to stay on top of their fledging.

The three Osprey Chicks are growing quickly. This image was taken on August 2nd. The oldest sibling can be seen sitting close to the edge of the nest letting the wind gently lift his/her wings. Still very cautious not to lift off. This picture was taken towards the sun so it does have a few issues. Mom will now sit across the road on a hydro pole still very protective of the nest.
Taken By
Debra Plett
Taken On
August 3, 2020
osprey birds of prey manitoba
  • Camera: SLT-A99V
  • Focal: 600
  • Lens Model: 150-600mm F5-6.3 SSM
  • Shutter speed: 0.0005 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 9

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