Two Chicks in the Nest

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Yves Langlois

Nice emotional shot Debra. The feathers at the wings tip are just charming. The tail shown this way is majestic. And guided by the soul you click just at the right moment to show us all the grace you see in that mother.

Debra Plett

Thanks Yves. I believe this nest is a younger Osprey couple. I am not sure if she is more at ease leaving the nest while young ones are in it because there is ground activity in this area 6 days a week. This couple had one chick last year and hopefully the two this year survive to make the trip south in the fall. I will keep you posted.j

Heather Mellon

Awesome capture Debra.. the chicks look like they're thriving and you've given us a beautiful view of the mother Osprey in flight plus that incredible nest. What a great shot!!

Debra Plett

Thanks Heather your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.


Grat shot Dedra you have the hole fammly good shot Dedra as allwas

Debra Plett

Thanks very much Jeff always appreciated.

Borland Construction Pitt has two chicks. This mother Osprey feels comfortable enough to take short fly outs from the nest. It is very difficult to photograph this nest as this gravel pitt is an active pitt and no one is allowed on the property. Heatherdale Road is quite a distance from the nest and the brush is growing up pretty high along the road.
Taken By
Debra Plett
Taken On
July 18, 2020
osprey birds of prey manitoba
  • Camera: SLT-A99V
  • Focal: 600
  • Lens Model: 150-600mm F5-6.3 SSM
  • Shutter speed: 0.000625 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 9

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