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o good one the back grownd and on the lime the bug realy good

Yves Langlois

Super shot Heather. I don't know how you got that uniform pale green but it is very nice. You capture a very good pose of the bird. The face look like a bird of prey. that bird is one of my favorite because there is numbers of them and they usualy do a nice picture.

Debra Plett

Wow great capture Heather. Love the green background...great bokeh. Red wing is in perfect focus.

Heather Mellon

Thanks Debra, much appreciated! Cattails blowing in the wind make a nice background.. soft and blurry :)

This female Red-winged Blackbird was getting pretty edgy and she wasn't saying much, which seemed unusual, but it was obvious she was getting more upset by the second as she fluttered about from one cattail to another. It finally dawned on me that in my efforts to get a decent shot on a windy day I was holding her up and that she had food ready to deliver to her young. Lesson learned so I quickly grabbed a few more shots and let her get on with the task of feeding them..
Taken By
Heather Mellon
Taken On
July 18, 2020
a female red winged blackbird with food for her young
  • Camera: NIKON D7500
  • Focal: 500
  • Shutter speed: 0.002 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 6.3

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