Canadian Geographic Photo Club - The landscape that we change

The landscape that we change

How have the landscapes you’ve encountered changed? Anything goes – large-scale or small, natural or urban, in conflict with nature or positive solutions to growing problems.

In conjunction with their current exhibition Edward Burtynsky: The Landscape That We Change, The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is pleased to sponsor this Shoot This photo assignment.

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Sticks commented on "Whale of a Tail" 2017-08-22 6:25pm

Far out Jenny!!! I am back in the Chilcotin and the fires look like they are settling down! I am going to try and order yer coin today :) Thanks for posting yer adventures :)

Sticks commented on "A Beautiful day " 2017-08-22 6:22pm

Looks like a great place to launch yer canoe and have lunch somewhere out there :)

Sticks commented on "Shine on me " 2017-08-22 6:20pm

Love the light rays and bubbles :)

Sticks commented on "My Canada" 2017-08-22 6:19pm

Looks wild - I love it!!! :)

Sticks commented on "Oldie but a goodie." 2017-08-22 6:17pm

Oh yeah!!! sweet shot!!! Job, my canine companion, and I had some good old boys fly over us on Remembrance Day last year in the "Missing Man" formation while we were walking on the beach = cool. Great shot and processing :)

Sticks commented on "Cariboo evening" 2017-08-22 6:14pm

Beautiful :)

Sticks commented on "Mamma Dusky" 2017-08-22 6:13pm

Great shot :) I was using my chainsaw when some grouse came and checked me out as they passed by on their business ha ha. They sure are cool critters! Thanks for yer post :)

margaret1 commented on "Bald Eagle" 2017-08-22 8:25am


EdwinLee commented on "RG_406" 2017-08-21 10:47pm

Thank you ^_^

Jeff Aelick commented on "Osprey" 2017-08-21 7:23pm

that is a keeper Kevin the color is grate