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Sticks commented on "Great Crested Flycatcher" 2017-06-27 11:17pm

Interesting colours on this little fella! Thanks for your post Guy :)

Debra Simpson
Debra Simpson commented on "Spider" 2017-06-27 8:14pm

I've been told this is a McKinley spider, writing spider or corn spider. The name McKinley comes from a story about this type of spider spinning the name of McKinley into it's web, predicting the name of the next American president William McKinley (25th President). I've also been told its a Marbled Orb Weaver. I think it looks like a Marbled Orb Weaver.

Sticks commented on "Harsh Light" 2017-06-27 6:37pm

Job and I could not find yer coin in the 150 year collection - OR - is it the polar bear??? I was looking for a "Grizzly Coin." Let me know. Holy, some of the new coins are $1200+ dollars - WOW! If I can find one of yer "Cheap" bear coins - I will purchase one ha ha ha. Anyway, glad to see a post from ya, and all of us over here hope yer swell :)

Sticks commented on "Snack Time" 2017-06-27 5:34pm

Beautiful little critter. I love the soft colours of this photograph - well done!

Sticks commented on "Grey Catbird" 2017-06-27 5:33pm

Great capture and focus Gina :)

Sticks commented on "Harsh Light" 2017-06-27 5:30pm

I can imagine myself being there though! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! It really is cool to be a part of this club :)

Sticks commented on "Den Life" 2017-06-27 5:28pm

The den as the backdrop looks awesome - great capture :)

Sticks commented on "Cute Raccoon " 2017-06-27 5:26pm

Super cute :)

Sticks commented on "In for Landing" 2017-06-27 5:24pm

Magnificent capture :)

Sticks commented on "The angler " 2017-06-27 5:22pm

Great capture - and catch for the Fish Hawk :)