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Sheri Rypstra

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A mom of four, currently home-schooling the youngest two, Sheri also works part time as a writer, artist and speaker.


Pam Mullins




Sheri Rypstra commented on "Merry Christmas" 2017-12-15 11:25am

And a Merry Christmas to you and your growing family as well!!

(I have only developed this pet peeve as decorations have appeared on many of my favorite trails on the peninsula...sigh...oh, well...)

Sheri Rypstra commented on "The Black Tongue !" 2017-12-13 2:18pm

Wonderful shot!! Not a side we see often in these magnificent bears!!

Sheri Rypstra commented on "Snowy Look" 2017-12-13 2:15pm

Superb shot all the same!! I wouldn't complain with an amazing shot like that!! My box is known for problems with focusing on in-flight images...

Sheri Rypstra commented on "Picnic on the Beach" 2017-12-13 2:13pm

Congratulations!! May all go well for you all. Look forward to hearing the great news. You were lucky to see them on land...I usually see them way out in the strait!

Sheri Rypstra commented on "Merry Christmas" 2017-12-13 2:11pm

These decorations, I have to say, always bug me. I go out into nature to see...well, nature...not more of man's ideas of 'beauty'. I wouldn't mind so bad if the decorations were taken down at the end of the season, but more often than not, I still see them looking more and more bedraggled into summer and beyond, until someone takes the time to clean them up, All that being said, I love the composition here, and it is an interesting element. I only hope the dog walkers are more responsible than the people here...

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