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Thank you Jeff Aelick. They are very flighty, observant birds and I was lucky to get so close without being noticed. I watched it catch a few fish while I snapped photos. Hopefully the babies will be out and about for photos as well. Last year there were two babies.

Linda Steele commented on "Under a Mackerel Sky" 2017-07-07 1:50pm

Great relections of the evening sky and the evergreens along the water's edge.

Linda Steele commented on "Momma Mallard with young" 2017-07-07 1:48pm

Beautiful capture- love the yellow contrast with the ducklings and water lilies and the shades of blue on the Momma ducks wings.

Linda Steele commented on "A Butterfly Moment " 2017-07-05 9:02pm

WOW! Simply beautiful.

Linda Steele commented on "Happy Birthday Canada" 2017-07-01 1:04pm

Stratford: a beautiful place to live.Loving the flag.

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