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Linda Steele commented on "Spring robin #2" 2017-05-26 10:10pm

Thank you Sticks. Shot was taken down by a local marsh where muscrat, geese, duck, herons (great blue and green backed), assorted turtles and birds etc. provide subjects for nature shots.

Linda Steele commented on "Spring lambs" 2017-05-14 10:13pm

Thank you Lyrinda_Sheppard It was quite an experience being in the field when the lambs were put out in the pasture for their first outing with their Moms.

Linda Steele commented on "Canadian goose Mom and young babies " 2017-05-14 10:04pm

Thank you Sticks and hmellon for your nice comments. I love geese for their parenting skills. They are community minded birds and share off babysitting duties with other parents. They also are fiercely protective of all the young in their flock. Last year I watched the parents work together to step between a group of babies and a racoon with distemper. Four large adults stood between the babies and the aggressive racoon while the young birds were herded safely down on to the pond by others in the flock. The racoon was trapped and taken for assessment at a vet by our by-law officer removing the danger from the flock.

Linda Steele commented on "Mother and Child" 2017-05-14 9:50pm

Really love your shot

Linda Steele commented on "Mom?" 2017-05-14 9:49pm


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