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Linda Steele commented on "Baby muscrat's outing" 2017-06-21 6:49am

Thank you Jeff Aelick and Sticks. The young muscrat swam across the pond very close to me and then pulled off a piece of reed to nibble on. It was obvious that the rock that I was standing on was its regular dining spot, as it swam towards me. With my zoom lens on, I had to retreat to be able to keep taking photos of it, as the young muscrat swam righ up to me and them climbed up on the low, flat rock that I had vacated to enjoy its meal . Quite an amazing experience.

Linda Steele commented on "Lost deer " 2017-06-17 7:17am

Thank you hmellon for your comment. After the deer did his jump, he walked down the street that lead to a small bush. I was heading home when I looked back to see a group of 6 teenagers fanned out across the road chasing the deer. I turned and gave them a serious scolding and they grudgingly backed off while the deer rested in the shade of someone's back yard until it was safe to slip away.

Linda Steele commented on "Sunlit dragonfly " 2017-06-16 3:52pm

Thanks for your positive feedback yvan_leduc. Although I have had my Canon RebelT4i for a few years, I found that I wasn't as skilled as I should be and recently bought a camera specific"for Dummies" reference book which is very helpful in adding to my knowledge. Also my favourite feature is my "multiple shot" setting : I do have to deleate many photos but often get a shot I am proud of.

Linda Steele commented on "Carpenter Ant" 2017-06-13 9:27pm

Great close up


Thank you Jeff Aelick: I'm hoping to get shots as they grow. Seem to be 14 ducklings.

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